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"You've done a fabulous job." H.C.

We trained and sold this horse to a student of ours. Four years later, we helped sell him again. He went to a girl with special physical needs. Today, Sidney is a paralympic rider for the U.S.  Here's her grandmother's note to us back then:
"I just want to write and let you know how much Spirit is loved.  He is an amazing horse.  I am so glad that we found him for my granddaughter.  She loves to ride and needed a special horse for her special challenges.  Spirit is just the intelligent, kind, experienced horse she needs.  We are so please to have Spirit in our family.  Thank you for training such a great horse. He will be a treasured member of our family for many years." 
D. Collier


I wanted to let you know that the warmblood you appraised (name omitted)  has been absolutely phenomenal since the school year started. Thank you again for your assistance with that appraisal. I'm very happy that he's working out so well.  U of Findlay

We found this California rider her perfect horse in Florida:
"I can't thank you enough for all of this -- I really feel you have led me to the right horse." J. Swigart

"Your appraisal shows an amazing amount of work.  You put in biographical information about me.  You've added documents on medical issues, too. I look forward to reading this report carefully." L.M.

"I know it's hard to find good sales prices these days for my breed.  I appreciate the effort you made to establish an accurate value for our horse."

"Your report is very comprehensive." A.W.

"I sat right down and read your report cover to cover. What an interesting read!  How thorough you are in everything you covered. I’m not surprised but I am very pleased.  I am certainly happy with the appraised value, it’s totally fair. " BJ.C.

“Stellar, professional service.”