Expert Offerings

Riverbend Equine Appraisals offers expert testimony in equine litigation matters.  REA prepares reports that meet the USPAP standards in all respects.  Her reports are defensible in court. 



Hired by legal teams, Tania has appeared in state and federal courts.  Attorneys hire her to advise on equine terminology and industry practices.  She analyzes appraisals done by other appraisers.  Does their report adhere to USPAP standards? Is the logic sound? Is the support defensible?  She is current on appraisal practices,  abreast of the latest, most productive and legal methods of report construction. She has  been hired by insurance companies, universities, experts in equine medicine, universities, as well as individuals seeking donation values.  She evaluates herds or single horses.   Also a purchase consultant, she finds the right horse doing the right job for the right person.  She arranges the vetting and sometimes negotiates the price.