The perfect solution?

It's easy to value a car because there are bluebooks that give you values.  But the value of the horse can't be found in a bluebook.  Getting true values means true comparables - what actually sold at a price - not just what is offered for sale online.  Getting real prices is difficult.   Only a lifetime horse person with great research skills, a willingness to call the right people and a superb network of industry specialists can get those values.  Don't forget discretion!  A client's confidentiality is paramount. 

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Defensible Value? 

It's not easy to find correct values of horses.  Tania Evans, owner of REA, has done that for 13 years as a professional appraiser. She earned in 2013 the top appraisal credential, Senior Appraiser. Her reports are based on 50 years in horses as an advanced level eventer; a rated polo player; a foxhunter in several countries; a horse trainer, buyer/seller, coach, mentor, and equine welfare advocate.  

As an award-winning, non-fiction writer, Tania Evans has interviewed Olympic level riders, generous philanthropists, veterinarians with specialties, owners and trainers with specific discipline know-how. Tania has learned from them the attributes that go into establishing defensible values, the ones that hold up in court. 

Some Successes

  • In 2009, 21 polo ponies died on the field. Tania appraised them for their value as rare, top level playing ponies.
  • In 2010, Tania helped a 17-year old 4th level dressage horse find a perfect therapeutic home.
  • In 2011, a careful rider asked Tania to find a Whip horse with experience in the hunt field. Good Whip horses are not sold often.  But Tania found one and it's still whipping in 2017.
  • In 2012, a farm took on a stallion off the track. While he hadn't won much, he had a terrific pedigree. Tania found a value that helped establish a stud fee.
  • In 2013, Tania found the replacement value of a family mule that had been killed on the road by a truck. The mule was loved - the children rode him safely for years; he pulled a cart and worked on the farm. He would not be easy to replace.
  • In 2014. Tania found a donation value for a lovely grand prix jumper who needed an easier life - as a dressage horse. 
  • In 2015, a jumper became a stopper because of medical reasons - he needed an appraisal for his new value.   
  • In 2016, divorce caused a dissolution of a farm. Tania appraised those 26 horses in a way that was fair to both parties.  
  • In 2017, a dressage horse needed a career change - he gained a new value as a therapeutic vaulting horse!