An oasis away from the city. 

Riding horses is indeed a fine way to pass a lifetime.  Every breed, every crossbred, mare, gelding, stallion, foal, yearling - each has a place, sometimes so special that people can't live without them.  There would be no oasis for horse lovers without horses.


Breeds and Disciplines

Riverbend Equine Appraisals has looked at many breeds and disciplines over the years. Tania has been appraising horses since 2003.  She knew many breeds earlier as a competitor in eventing and polo.  She bought, trained and sold many horses, and took on training of others' horses.  Her disciplines: advanced eventer, rated polo player, foxhunter. She has ridden in many countries.

Among the disciplines appraised: 

  • polo ponies,
  • foxhunters,
  • jumpers up to Grand Prix,
  • dressage up to Grand Prix,
  • trail and endurance;
  • eventers to Advanced,
  • foxhunters,
  • reiners;
  • driving horses. 


Among the breeds appraised:

  •  thoroughbreds - American, English and Argentine,
  • Quarterhorses, 
  • Quarterhorse crosses,
  • warmbloods - Dutch, Hanoverian, Holstein, Friesian,  Belgian, Andalusian, Lusitano, Russian, and more warmbloods,
  • Morgans, 
  • Arabs, 
  • Polish Arabs, Arab crosses, 
  • thoroughbred crosses, 
  • draft crosses, 
  • Shetland ponies, 
  • Welsh ponies;
  • pony crosses, 
  • mules,
  • Paints.  

While working primarily in English-based sports, REA also analyzes horses in western disciplines for quality of breed, health and talent.